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Workforce Readiness


    This project is anchored in feedback gleaned from area employers, who expressed a (collective) desire to have a more comprehensive, single-source, online tool that can be used to augment their talent recruitment and retention efforts.

    Designed to meet the needs of the human resources community; third party recruiters; and of course, prospective jobs seekers, offers the following features:

    • A Robust, Easy-to-Use Online Job Posting Interface
    • Job Board, Search Engine & Social Media Compatibility
    • Automated & Customized Applicant Communication
    • Pre-Qualified Candidate Sharing Mechanisms
    • Inspire Rock County Integration
    • Value-Added Community & Workforce Information is a free service and is intended to serve as a talent recruitment and match-making tool for employers that have a physical presence within the greater Rock County and/or Stateline area. However, company registration and validation are required before any job postings can be uploaded into the system.





    Professional Career Fair at Marshall Middle School, Janesville

    A new Transitions & Family & Consumer Education (F.A.C.E) curriculum is being implemented this year, and it focuses on College & Career readiness.  We are trying to saturate our students with authentic learning experiences that will inspire them to go on to achieve greatness.  With that being said, we are planning to host a professional career fair which will include several professionals from within the community.  This event is scheduled for  Friday April 22nd   and will run 8:00 am – 8:44 am.

    Contact Daniel Jackson for more information or to sign up to be a volunteer.




    Volunteers Needed -

    WI SHRM HR GAMES - March 11-12 - Lakeshore Technical College

    For more info:



    Inspire Wisconsin Rock County

    Inspire Wisconsin Rock County is a web-based career preparation and readiness platform. By integrating career development tools, social media elements and workforce data into a seamless system, job creators, students, educators and parents can connect efficiently and effectively.

    Through Inspire Rock County, you can choose to participate in any number of career building activities that you and/or your organization are willing to participate in.

    BHRA will be assisting in promoting the project and encouraging members to become "early adopters' of the project.

    Participating in Inspire Rock County is a win-win for everyone!

    1. Increase your business’ visibility and highlight your community involvement
    2. Promote careers that are available in Rock County and help students realize that there are many opportunities in your community
    3. Nurture your future workforce by connecting with them early in their career development
    4. Bridge the skills gap of students coming out of high school by communicating what the real world needs
    5. Help build Wisconsin into a workforce-strong and economically vibrant state
    6. Positively affect and directly address the region’s drop-out, graduation and unemployment rates

    Participation is free and is easily tailored to your level of involvement and schedule.

    For more information or to sign up, go to